Sonya JF Barnett

SlutWalk Co-Founder

Fed up with current media reports on the attack on women’s sexual health around Canada and the US, the incident at York University was the last straw that prompted Barnett into action. Though having little experience in demonstrations or political campaigning, she has always been vocal when coming to women’s sexual rights and freedoms. Already working with assertive people and expressing their sexuality through art, Barnett feels her experience in social media and community events can help spread the word that archaic attitudes toward sexuality need to be changed.


Heather Jarvis

SlutWalk Co-Founder

Heather Jarvis is a queer, sex- and body-positive feminist. With experience in women and gender studies, social work and community activism she was furious upon hearing a representative of the police slut-shame survivors and people at risk of sexual assault. Not entirely shocked by the incident, Jarvis believes we should be beyond the myths of people ‘asking’ or ‘deserving’ to be assaulted due to their behaviour or appearance. As a survivor and advocate for empowerment, Jarvis constantly aims to shed shame around sex and sexuality. She feels we deserve safe streets and a supportive justice system.

Described as an eternal optimist by some who know her, Heather Jarvis refuses to believe things cannot change. She is determined to continuously work on improving this world through increased respect, consent, understanding and acceptance.


Alyssa Teekah

SlutWalk Organizer & YorkU Liaison

Bleedin’, sweatin’, laughing and crying, Alyssa Teekah tries to talk the talk and walk the walk. Formally she is in her last year at York University (humanities and sexuality studies). She is a coordinator and co-founder of the group Feminist Action @ YU. She could choose to align with descriptors like queer, feminist, post-colonial activist – and sometimes does. But she’s also interested in the spaces in between – the yet unnamed and misunderstood which still manage to make their way into our everyday life. The unsettling, provoking ways of living and existing that often cause tensions within the institutions that profit from keeping these expressions stifled. Perhaps with rose-coloured glasses, she’s thinking of a utopian future, and trying to lay the groundwork to make it a reality.


Jeanette Janzen

SlutWalk Researcher

Jeanette Janzen was called a slut before she ever even kissed a boy.

If being body-positive and proud and wanting to show off a little skin now and then makes Jeanette a slut, then a slut she is. She is also a part-time burlesque performer and erotic model but none of this makes her open to nor deserving of sexual assault. Being the proud holder of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting as well as a Master of Art in Art History and Curatorial Studies makes her also very under-employed with wondrous amounts time to devote to SlutWalkTO.

Jeanette Janzen has kissed a lot of boys…and some girls…and isn’t about to apologize for it.


Erika Jane Scholz

SlutWalk Volunteers Coordinator

Erika is a sex-positive feminist who enjoys wearing make up, tight clothes, and socializing with guys. Does this mean that she is more likely and deserving to get sexually assaulted? Absolutely NOT but according to the views expressed by the police at York University this past January, she is. This form of victim-blaming and slut-bashing is both false and extremely dangerous. Erika, who is passionate about women’s rights and spends a large part of her time working with the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre among other feminist organizations, has had enough and believes it is time to make some noise and get active surrounding the issue. Erika is very happy to reclaim the word ’slut’ by challenging these harmful myths and stereotypes that are so widely accepted by our sexist culture.