When we first heard about the Toronto Police officer labeling women and people most at risk of sexual assault as “sluts”, we thought about making noise and demanding for more than an apology. We have a constitutional right to a freedom of expression and a freedom of assembly so we’re using it. Putting that into action, we wanted to go right to Toronto Police Service’s front door at 40 College St. with impassioned numbers uniting against these damaging stereotypes. Thus SlutWalk Toronto was born. We are taking our frustration to the streets – literally. Join us for our walk.

SlutWalk is scheduled for Sunday, April 3rd, 2011.
Tentative time is 2pm; tentative starting location is central Queen’s Park.

Whether you want to walk {or roll or holler or stomp}, or you’d like to volunteer and assist in our preparations, we’d love to have you. Stay tuned for details on how you can participate in SlutWalk.