#SWTO2014 Sat. July 12 – Speakers announced!

SlutWalk 2014 starts at 3 pm Saturday June 12,

Nathan Phillips Square.

Event hashtag is #SWTO2014.




Monica Forrester 

Recently honored at world pride 2014, for her tireless work in the LGBTTQ2IA community. Monica Forrester is a 2-spirit, black, queer, Trans-femme, radical, sexworker, and activist. She is currently the Coordinator at Maggieʼs Toronto – Sexwork Action Project.

Monica rallies for the rights of all sex-workers, marginalized women, and trans* people.


Blu Waters

Laureen ( Blu) Waters; Istchii Nikamoon- Earth Song

Cree/Métis / Micmac-Wolf Clan, member of the Metis nation of Ontario

Blu’s family is from Big River Saskatchewan, Star Blanket Reserve

And Braʼdor Lake, Cape Breton Nova Scotia.

Currently working at York University as a elder on campus Providing Traditional teachings and
One on One Counseling.
Blu grew up with her grandmother and learned about traditional medicines performing extractions, healings, and care of the sick and teachings
She was adopted by a white family, at 10, and grew up and lived in Parkdale.
Blu spent many years in High Park, hunting geese, rabbits, ducks, muskrat, harvesting medicine plants and maintaining her connection to Mother Earth.
She has traveled to Nova Scotia to learn from Herbal medicine people and the Queen Charlotte Island in British Columbia where her brother is a Shaman. And medicine man.
She studied landscaping and Horticulture for four years and has studied herbal medicine.
Blu was also the national caucus Representative for the Toronto urban aboriginal strategy for 5 years working with the community of Toronto and the Government
She also is a graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology receiving her business software, micro computer architecture, and A+ Certification.
Bluʼs gifts include,
House cleansing,Giving traditional spirit names,Hand drumming,Song writer
Creative writings. Full moon conductor, Traditional teachings
She has been a traditional counselor for most of life.
She is a mother of 3 and a grandmother, of 3 and a Sun dancer and a pipe carrier


Jeff Perera- White Ribbon Campaign 

Jeff is a Community Engagement Manager for White Ribbon, the worldʼs largest movement of men working towards re-imagining masculinity and inspiring men, young men, boys and male- identified people to help end gender-based violence. Heading up the annual What Makes A Man White Ribbon conference and having delivered two TEDx talks, Jeff speaks to people of all walks of life about embracing the impact we make, and difference we can make.


Akio Maroon 

Akio Maroon is a Mother, Occupational Health and Safety Consultant, Educator, Nurse, Social Justice Organizer, Advocator and Fundraiser for sex workers rights and HIV/AIDS support services. Akio is the founder of GRIND Toronto – a quarterly event celebrating sex positivity, the joys of safe/r consensual sex, in a LGBTQ2I space for BIPOC* (Black, Indigenous and People of Color)


Flo Jo 

Flo is a sex worker and active drug user. She is self described as very sexy, hot, and delicious. Even at 52, she is all that!

*******************Picture ban on this speaker. NO PHOTOS!


Kira Andry

A longtime supporter of the SlutWalk movement, and aided in the organization of SlutWalk 2014.

Kira Andry is an agender, queer, mixed, activist and student. As a proud and out non- binary trans* person, they go by gender-neutral pronouns (they/them/their).

They are passionate about body positivity, consent, education, reproductive healthcare/ choice, sex worker rights, BDSM awareness, trans* visibility, and social justice.

They are currently the organizer of HAVEN Toronto, and are heavily involved with many other community initiatives.

Kira aims to shed light on the injustices that currently exist for trans* survivors within the legal system, as well as the lack of basic civil rights.

Their main goal is to unify the community, fight for justice and ultimately help create a more supportive and survivable world for fellow victims.


Catherine McCormick- SlutWalk MC

Catherine McCormick is a queer writer, comedian and unrepentant feminist, intent on smashing the patriarchy apart, one pussy joke at a time.  She also hosts and produces the popular podcast Box Social as well as the groundbreaking biweekly LGBTQ+ comedy show Queer As Fuck.

Catherine’s Tumblr: http://mccormcorp.tumblr.com/catherine https://twitter.com/McCormCorp

Find her on Twitter: twitter.com/McCormCorp


Heather Jarvis

Heather Jarvis is a queer femactivist. She has been involved in community activism and social justice for the last 10 years and believes that communities know how to take care of each other best. She has worked in social work, in a variety of non-profits, and has experience working with survivors of sexual violence, youth, queer and trans* people, people living with mental health issues, and people living with HIV/AIDS. In 2011 she co-founded SlutWalk Toronto and has been with it ever since. Heather believes in radical compassion and justice from the ground up.


Cheri DiNovo, MPP for Parkdale-High Park

In 2012, Cheri DiNovo‘s groundbreaking legislation Toby’s Act forced the government to amend the Ontario Human Rights Code to include gender identity and gender expression. Now she is pushing to ensure the law is implemented across the province. She is demanding that the minister of community safety and correctional services bring its policy inline with Toby’s Act. Trans and gender non-conforming people are disproportionately affected by sexual violence in prisons.


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