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article: York University Excalibur: Cop’s ‘slut’ comment draws backlash from guerilla activists

interview: The Trent Arthur: No Means No unless you’re a ‘Slut’

interview: Between the Margins, March 14: ‘Rape Culture’

interview: Sex Life Canada’s Pillow Talk

interview: The Toronto Star

mention: torontoist.com’s Extra Extra

mention: Grassroots Youth Collaborative

mention: Humaniatarian News

mention: STFU, Kiararchy

mention: OSOCIO

mention: I Want To Go There

mention: Wilfred Laurier The Cord

mention: thunderbirdenlightening

mention: Graydancer: I, Slut

mention: Andris & Associates: What We Can Learn From SlutWalk

mention: Snippets From The World of Physical Security

mention: Leigh Nats: Slutty Slute Slute

mention: Toronto Sun

mention: CBC/Strombo

article: The Prince Arthur Herald: “Women Are Never Asking For It”

mention: Schizmu: Canadian Feminism and Such

mention: Stop Street Harrassment

mention: Community of Practice in Ecosystem Approaches to Health: Canada

mention: Making W@ves

article: Rabble.ca: Activist Communique: Strut your slut

article: Shameless Magazine: This Sunday: Wear your slut pride at SlutWalk

article: The Toronto Observer: Slutwalk set to strut past Queen’s Park to Police HQ on April 3

article: Toronto Star: Mallick: What to wear for SlutWalk

mention: the Daye

mention: Steeltown Adventure Friends

mention: UMass D Center Views

article: TheFrisky.com: Activists to March on Toronto For a “SlutWalk”

article: York University Excalibur: Toronto march to redefine ‘slut

article: Now Magazine: Benjamin Boles on walking with the sluts

article: Sexy Typewriter: Women still the victim in the blame game

mention: Rhinestones and Telephones

mention: Living My Social Work: Eleven

mention: The Faculty Lounge: Fallout From Law School Speech: SlutWalk Toronto

article: Jezebel: How A Victim-Blaming Cop Inspired SlutWalk

article: Guelph Mercury: U of G student organizes ‘SlutWalk’ protest

article: Death + Taxes: Don’t Dress Like a Slut, Don’t Get Raped

article: Toronto Sun: SlutWalk set for Sunday

article: The Vancouver Sun: Slutwalk set for Sunday in Toronto

article: St. Catharines Standard: Local women head to Toronto for Slutwalk

article: Alternet.org: Slut Shame: Why Do We Still Attack Women For Having Sex?

mention: Ruby Ryder’s Pegging Paradise

mention: Allvoices.com: Slutwalk women protest ‘Rape Culture’

mention: Now Magazine: Why I have to attend Slutwalk

mention: Life. Undiluted.

mention: Radical Vixen

mention: Feministing

article: CBC News: Toronto ‘slut walk’ takes to city streets

mention: Digital Journal: Slutwalk protest takes place in Toronto

article: Toronto Sun: Cop’s slut comment ‘stupid’: Chief

article: The Canadian Press: Thousands march in Toronto ‘slut walk’

also seen in: Metro, The Spec

article: The Globe and Mail: Women walk the talk after officer’s offending ‘slut’ remark

video: The Canadian Press

mention: Globewriter

article with video: CTV News: ‘SlutWalk’ organized to protest officer’s comments

article: Torontoist: At SlutWalk, Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves

article: BlogTO: Slutwalk Toronto takes its message to the street

mention: CNN

mention: Dammit Janet!

mention: Met Another Frog: Slutwalk TO: It Rocked!

mention: The Society Pages: Resistance, Language, and the Toronto SlutWalk

mention: Girl On The Park

mention: Censemaking

mention: Artist in Transit

article: York University Excalibur: SlutWalk Toronto: April 3, 2011

article: rabble.ca: SlutWalk: Changing a ‘don’t get raped’ culture to a ‘don’t rape’ culture

mention: Coffee Talk

mention: fitperez

article: suite101.com: SlutWalk Protests Stereotyping of Sexual Assault Victim

article: City TV: Officer’s comments prompt SlutWalk

mention: Feministing: The un-funny, unfair and un-feminist thing about victim-blaming

mention: Sex Is What You Want It To Be

article: Rabble.ca: Protesters unite against damaging stereotypes of sexual assault survivors

mention: Hugo Schwyzer: Standing with the Sluts

mention: Chatelaine: Toronto’s Slut Walk goes viral


article: TORO Magazine: Sluts Walk for SlutWalk

mention: Dyke March Toronto 2011

mention: wearechangetoronto.org

article: Toronto Star: Police officer’s remarks at York inspire ‘SlutWalk’

mention: ChicagoNow blog: Sexual Assault Awareness Month Comes to a Close: Conclusions?

mention: Ms. Magazine blog: Don’t Ms.

article: The 33 News: SlutWalk Hits Dallas Streets

article: Yo Ladies!: SlutWalk Dallas

article: Northern News Services: ‘SlutWalk’ in Yellowknife

article: The Blaze: ‘Slut Walk’ Comes to Texas, Complete With ‘Hey-Hey-Ho-Ho’ Chant

video: CNN: Protesters participate in ‘Slut Walk’

photo gallery: Citizen-Times: SlutWalk Asheville

article: The Asheville Tribune: SlutWalk rally spotlights issue of respect

article: Central Florida News 13: Students use ‘SlutWalk’ to protest sexual violence

article: XX Factor blog: SlutWalks and the New Political Incorrectness

article and videos: Godless Liberals blog: SlutWalk!

article and videos: Newser: ‘SlutWalks’ Coming to America

article: Bust Magazine blog: “Slutwalks” Go Worldwide

article: Toronto Star: SlutWalk marches expand to the U.S. and England

article: MoxieBird: SlutWalks Pick Up Momentum Across The Globe

article: Huffington Post: SlutWalks Sweep The Nation

article: Financial Times Deutschland: SlutWalk goes global (in german)

article: Hollaback!: SlutWalks in Alberta

article: Winnipeg Free Press: ‘Slut walk’ protesters say police blame victims of sexual assault

article: Straight.com: SlutWalk Vancouver challenges blame places on sexual assault victims

article: Eye Weekly: On the street… at SlutWalk

article: The Ottawa Citizen: Sensible shoes and a grey cardigan at SlutWalk

article: The Ottawa Citizen: Ottawa SlutWalk: Reclaiming more than just a word

photo gallery: Roger Cullman Photography: SlutWalk

article: Statepress.com: ‘SlutWalk’ held to protest blaming rape victims

article: Calgary Herald: Slutwalk attracts strange bedfellows

article: Kickaction.ca: La « SlutWalk » : se réapproprier l’insulte pour en détourner le sens

mention: CBC/Strombo: Slut Walk Becomes a Global Movement

photo: CBC: April photo contest: The winner!

article: Fairport-East Rochester Post: Students to hold walk to raise awareness of sexual assault

interview: The Line Campaign: Badass-Activist Friday Presents Jessica Skolnik of SlutWalk Chicago!

interview: The Boston Phoenix: Interview with writer, feminist, Boston SlutWalk speaker Jaclyn Friedman

article: Redeye Chicago: For one day, we’re all sluts

article: Her Campus Northeastern: SlutWalk: A Walk to Take Back the Word SLUT

article: Reuters: Marchers aim to debunk stereotypes about sexual assault

article: CTV: Toronto slut walk inspires events in U.S., London

article: San Francisco Chronicle: ‘SlutWalks’ put provocative messages in the streets

article: news.com.au: ‘SlutWalk’ protests take off in the US

article: New York Magazine: SlutWalking: Coming to a town near you

article: Guardian: SlutWalking gets rolling after cop’s loose talk about provocative clothing

article: The Globe and Mail: Inspired by Toronto officer’s remark, SlutWalks spread to U.S. streets

article: Toronto Star: Boston residents take part in their own SlutWalk

article: Liberaland: SlutWalks Highlight Need To Blame Rapists, Not Victims

article: CBS Boston: SlutWalk Saturday in Boston

article: dig Boston: Boston SlutWalk 2011

article: NY Daily News: ‘SlutWalks’ fight back against stigma surrounding sexual assault and rape victims

interview: TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin: “Slut Walks” and Modern Feminism

article: BBC: ‘SlutWalk’ marches sparked by Toronto officer’s remarks

article: MSNBC: Mass. advocates join ‘Slut Walk’ crusade with march

article: The Age Australia: Cop’s comment leads to worldwide ‘slut walks’

article: Arizona Daily Star: ‘SlutWalk’ planned for Tucson next week

article: Renee Randazzo: Men at the Boston SlutWalk

article: Guardian: SlutWalking is rooted in riot grrl attitude

article and video: Boston Herald: ‘Sluts’ rally vs. sexism

article: Bostonist: Boston SlutWalk 2011 Set for Noon

article: Arizona Daily Star: The Tucson ‘SlutWalk’

article: CBS Boston: Thousands Attend Boston’s “SlutWalk” March

article: seattle pi: SlutWalk comes to Seattle after cop’s rape comment

blog post: The Pervocracy: Slutwalk after action report

article: Otago Daily Times: NZers join ‘Slutwalk’ crusade

photo journal: Flickr: Boston SlutWalk 2011

article: Newstabulous: Toronto Slut-Walk Spreads Through USA

video: Washington Post: Boston hosts latest ‘SlutWalk’

article: Newstrack India: Toronto cop’s ‘slut’ gaffe sparks protest movement in Canada and US

blog post: Feminist Law Professors: SlutWalks All Over the World

article and video: Common Dreams: 2000 March Saturday in Boston’s SlutWalk

article: The New Agenda: SlutWalk Toronto

article: The Globe and Mail: SlutWalk sparks worldwide protest movement

article: Londonist: Preview: London SlutWalk

article and video: Feministing: “You can call us that name but we will not shut up” (speech at Boston SlutWalk by Jaclyn Friedman)

article: Big Think: SLUTS LIKE ME, re-posted on Jezebel

article: Short News: “Slutwalk” Protests Appear in U.S. cities in sympathy to Toronto Crusade

article: The Sydney Morning Herald: Proud to be a ‘slut’

article: Brisbane Times: SlutWalk comes to Australia

article: Sify News: Brit women join hands for first anti-sexist ‘SlutWalks’ rally

mention: Care2.com: Women Erased from Historical Photo

article: Guardian: What do Jeminia Khan, Helen Wood and ‘SlutWalking’ have in common?

article: The Age Australia: ‘Sluts’ Take to the Streets

article: Fox News 5: ‘SlutWalk’ Protests Against Sexual Violence Go Global

podcast: Rabble.ca: What’s in a name? Slutwalks and Feminism

article: MTV: ‘Sluts’ Take To The Streets To Reclaim the Word

article: Cosmopolitan: Would You March in a SlutWalk

article: Shakesville: Women: Should they have autonomy?

article: The Raw Story: Fox Contributor: ‘Cult of victimology’ around rape stifles debate

article: The Boston Phoenix: Sluts for justice

article: Guardian: SlutWalk event planned for Cardiff

article: Guardian: Comment: Let’s do the SlutWalk

article: Read This Magazine: One Night Stanzas: Press release: the first Edinburgh Solidarity Slutwalk, June 4th 2011

article: Guardian: SlutWalk movement comes to Scotland

video interview: American Banking News: Slut Walk Milwaukee

mention: Times Higher Education: This week in higher education

blog post: Tennessee Guerrilla Women: ‘SlutWalks’ Coming to America: Because We’ve Had Enough

article: The Globe and Mail: Why SlutWalk raises hackles – and hopes

mention: The Globe and Mail: Will you do your feminist duty and watch Bridesmaids?

blog post: Feminine Fragrance: A Walk to Freedom

article: Belfast Telegraph: The SlutWalk London

mention: Dallas Voice: March against LGBT-phobia set in Dallas

article: Guardian: SlutWalk lets victims know they’re not alone

article: Counterfire: SlutWalk – Challenging misogyny and institutionalized sexism

article: CNN: ‘SlutWalk’ protests against sexual violence go global

article and video: The Age Australia: Reclaiming the ‘S’-word

article: The Record: March targets sexual assault

article: Guardian: SlutWalk marches: verdict

article: Newser: Germaine Greer: Hail the SlutWalks

article: The Sydney Morning Herald: Proud to strut myself when SlutWalk comes to town

article: Kold News13: ‘Sluts’ take to Downtown Tucson to combat sexual violence

article: KVOA.com: Rally to raise awareness of sexual violence victims’ plight

article: KLTV: Women participate in ‘Slut Walk’ Arizona

article: The Tyee: So What, I’m a Slut

article: Yahoo News7: Introducing the SlutWalk: Women Reclaim the Raunch

radio spot: KUOW.org: Seattle SlutWalk

article: The Grid TO: Slutwalk revisited

article: The Pervocracy: Answering SlutWalk FAQs

article: BBC: Why is the word ‘slut’ so powerful?

statement: SlutWalk DC: Statement in Regards to Upcoming Fundraiser at a Gentleman’s Club

article: AAUW: Cookin’ Up Scare Statistics

blog post: Philosophy is fashionable: Brush with BBC over SlutWalk issue

article: Jessica Valenti: Why We Need SlutWalk: a study in comments

article: Alternet: Sluts Don’t Cause Rape, Rapists Do: Why “SlutWalks” Are Sweeping the World

radio spot: CBC radio: Q with Jian Ghomeshi: Can the Word Slut Be Empowering?

article: France 24: ‘SlutWalk’ goes global after policeman’s rape insult

debate: BBC Newsnight: Author and blogger Zoe Margolis and Conservative MP Louise Bagshot

article: The Globe and Mail: ‘SlutWalk:’ Is the loaded protest title effective or offensive?

article: Guardian: ‘SlutWalking’ phenomenon comes to UK with demonstrations in four cities

article: The Independent: Women mobilize for first British ‘SlutWalk’ rally

article: The Telegraph: Thousands to protest against sexual assault in ‘SlutWalks’

article: Time Healthland: From Legal Defense to Rallying Cry: How ‘SlutWalks’ Became a Global Movement

article: Institute for Feminist Legal Studies at Osgoode: SlutWalk (small) Round Up

article: To the Curb: SlutWalk: A Stroll Through White Supremacy

article: Guardian: SlutWalk is not sexual liberation

article: Hugo Schwyzer: Redeeming the Slut: a response to Gail Dines

article: The Globe and Mail: Embrace your inner slut? Um, maybe not

commentary: The Globe and Mail: SlutSlurs: May 13 Letters to Editor

article: she was disarming: On Wente, SlutWalk haters, and rape culture

article: Konekt Blog: Hater Educator: Margaret Wente vs. Sluts

article: The Telegraph: Germaine Greer: These ‘slut walk’ women are simply fighting for their right to be dirty

blog post: Fat Heffalump: Why I Will Be Participating in SlutWalk

article: Jamaica Observer: Embracing the forbidden to drive a point home

article: Guardian: Being a slut, to my mind, was mostly fun – wearing and doing what you liked

article: Birmingham Mail: Birmingham women set to protest in SlutWalk against Canadian police officer’s views

article: CTV: SlutWalk marching into Vancouver

article: Tucson Sentinel: Short skirts, signs convey ‘Look but don’t rape’ at Slut Walk

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