March with us July 12! Who are you calling a slut? SlutWalk Toronto 2014

Join us on Saturday, July 12th at 3pm for the 2014 Toronto SlutWalk. Meet us at Nathan Phillip Square at 3pm. From there we’ll be marching north up University Avenue to Queen’s Park, with speeches  from 4-5pm. We’ll announce the list of speakers closer to the date.

We do not require participants to reclaim slut or any other slurs that have been used against them, nor do we require any particular dress code. We ask only that you come to support an end to victim-blaming and rape apologia.

Regardless of the victim’s ability, age, attire, gender, intoxication, race, or relationship with the abuser, the only person ever responsible for sexual violence is the perpetrator.

If you’d like to volunteer and help out with SWTO 2014, we’d love to have you! Please email:

For media requests, please e-mail

Please help us support accessibility and inclusion. We ask that participants refrain from wearing scents or from smoking at the front of the march or near the stage, so that chemically sensitive people can attend. ASL translation support has been confirmed. Active listeners (counsellors) will be available if you get triggered or upset or just need someone to talk to. They’ll be spread throughout the crowd and wearing blue bandanas. Just flag them down and ask to talk.

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