Show us your design chops.

SlutWalk Toronto is asking for T-shirt designs!

When SlutWalk Toronto began, we quickly assembled the design of our logo, poster designs and later merchandise to publicize our initiative and help cover the cost of organizing and running our main event. Since then, we have received a lot of positive feedback from Toronto, across Canada and elsewhere wanting to support SlutWalk with a button or shirt. We plan to keep going and work on educational projects along with another SlutWalk next year and we’d love to have designs from our Toronto community as a way to help raise funds. Beyond funds to help SWTO going, we will be donating extra money raised to various like-minded local organizations when possible. So we’re having a contest!

Anyone from any community can submit their designs. Based on a popularity vote from our supporters, we will choose the top nine designs {we will include the original SWTO design to make an even ten} and load them up to Skreened, our chosen shirt producer. Skreened’s products are ethically made and you can read more about their mandate here. We will then sell the shirts through our shop on the Skreened site.

Here’s the lowdown:

• Please include “SlutWalk Toronto” in your designs and how you’d like our cause represented in ink. Think about the inclusivity of SlutWalk and the different people involved.

• Take a look at the Skreened site for examples of how designs look on the shirts once printed. This should help inform your design process.

• Upload your design via the form below.

• We will then compile the finalists in a Gallery on our main site (right here) and also in our official Facebook Gallery. Voting will be open for two weeks to anyone. The nine designs with the most Votes/Likes will become our official SWTO artwork. Yay! {We’ll be offering the original SWTO shirt design to make it an even ten}.

• Contest closes Friday, September 23rd. Once all artwork is compiled, voting will be open for two weeks. Make sure to get your artwork in early to get as many eyes on it as possible.

• Winners will be notified and high-resolution artwork will be requested. Once we have that in our hot little hands, we’ll upload the art to Skreened where they will become part of our SWTO shop. Proceeds will go to maintaining SlutWalk Toronto initiatives.

• Winners receive not only bragging rights, but a shirt with their design on it. Sweet!

Enter now!

Tell us under what named you'd like to be credited:

And to what email address we can send a heartfelt thanks {this will not be posted}:

Please make your file a maximum of 1MB. This can be a low/medium resolution file. Should your artwork become a winning selection, we will then ask you for a high resolution version.


The fineprint:

By participating and uploading your artwork to SWTO, you are giving us the right to use this artwork for merchandise and promotion to help raise awareness and funds for SlutWalk Toronto.

Please, only 2 submissions per artist.