By now, you may have heard about how SlutWalk Toronto got started, and how a small group of people in Toronto kicked off what became a global movement by challenging harmful, victim-blaming language. Three years later, at SlutWalk Toronto we’re still going because victim-blaming is still a problem – one that validates the actions of perpetrators of sexual violence, and upholds many forms of systemic violence.

The first SlutWalk rally in Toronto three years ago lit the spark for grassroots action in over 200 countries worldwide, where organizers have rallied communities for marches against victim-blaming. Some of these marches have been called SlutWalks, others have taken locally-driven names; all have been a part of international, collective action against victim-blaming in support of survivors of sexual violence.

SlutWalk Toronto continues because survivors of sexual violence deserve our support, not our scrutiny.

We hope you’ll join us in our ongoing efforts. Please stay tuned for more details.

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