BLOGPOST: Nobody Tells Me What To Do

I like looking sexy. It makes me feel good about myself. I don’t necessarily need anyone to notice. But when they do, I don’t mind. In fact, that makes me feel good about myself too. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t enjoy male attention. Because I do. Very much. Do I like it when my boyfriend tells me I look sexy? FUCK YEAH. No-I wasn’t abused as a child. I do not have a “Daddy Complex” although I do love my Dad. He’s awesome. He taught me how to be myself and that Nobody Tells Me What To Do. Do I consider myself a feminist? FUCK YEAH. Have I been made to feel ashamed for enjoying male attention and wanting to appear attractive? Again—FUCK YEAH. But one thing that I will no longer stand for is being belittled by other women and for feeling this way. This is my choice and I expect it to be respected. I respect that there are other expressions of feminism and, while I may not agree with them, I can see that they are entitled to their opinions and in no way more or less “valid” than mine. I am tired of being perceived as “less than” because I enjoy sex or if I choose to look at porn. I don’t think I deserve to be kicked out of the feminist “club” for either of these reasons. Nor do I deserve to be told that I should cover up to avoid being victimized. SlutWalk IS feminist. It may not be YOUR feminist cup of tea, but it’s mine. And a goodly amount of people have embraced and welcomed it which shows just how needed and wanted it really is. And we couldn’t (nor would we) stop it now if we tried.