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Find new friends on Kik

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kik usernames

As a parent, I was pretty concerned when my daughter signed up on Kik and made an account there. I’m always terrified at the thought of her meeting God knows who online so when I heard her talking on the phone with her BFF and telling her that she finally decided to make an account on this Kik thing I freaked out and I checked online just to see what Kik is. I cannot say that I am updated regarding this sort of things, so I had to look online to see if this is a dating site. I found out that it’s practically a chat app where people are not necessarily looking for dates, and they’re also looking to make new friends. I really hope that my daughter Mariah will be using this for meeting new people to make friends. My first thought was to tell her that I don’t approve of her being on this website, but I thought that it’s best to have a more in-depth look at its features. I noticed that they say the users’ security is a vital thing on Kik and the people working there are doing their best to make sure the users have safe and fun experiences. This was the reason for which the team at Kik does not share the users’ personal info with anyone, and this includes the usernames. This seemed a bit weird. Anyway, I decided to talk to my daughter about this because I figured out that she would be able to tell me more about the whole thing. If you are wondering why I am so protective of her, that’s how I always was especially since her dad left us.

She told me not to worry because at 18 years old she knows how to take care of herself.  She also said to me that it’s time I start trusting her more because my lack of trust is quite annoying and it also makes her sad. I said, okay…She explained to me the whole thing with the Kik website, and she also showed me another website that you can use in order to find Kik friends according to their location, gender, country, age and so on. The website is to find Kik usernames, and it seems like a pretty handy tool for anyone who wish to make new friends on Kik. I have to tell you that my daughter is on Kik for two months now and she has already made two friends a boy and a girl. They have talked a lot, and she even brought them home so I could meet them, and they’re great kids indeed. I am a bit sorry that I did not trust my daughter at the beginning, I amen that I didn’t trust her enough to believe that she knows what she’s doing but I think that any mother can relate. I think that it’s always best to be safe than sorry.