Allies List

We asked local businesses, organizations, performers, troupes, musicians, shelters, art communities and any other group to officially align with us for SlutWalk on April 3rd. Many came representing their group, proud and loud.

The Amazon Collective

Atheist Evolution

Birmingham Feminists

Blowing the Whistle on Sexual Assault on Campus

Centre for Police Accountability

Centre for Gender & Social Justice

Dyke March

Events Julie

Feminists Unite

Good For Her


Guelph Queer Equality

H.A.S. Marketing

InPrint Collective

The Keyhole Sessions


Lady Vezina

Lauren Best

Location Equipment Supply


Miratel Solutions Inc.

Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/ Domestic Violence Treatment Centres

The Palmerston Group

Pandora’s Tribe Dance Troupe

Pink Elephant Communications


Queer Ontario

Red Tent Sisters


Repo! Shadow Cats


Shameless Mag

Sex Life Canada

Soda & Tonic

Socratic Theatre Collective

Spirit Sound Production Studios

Stop Street Harassment!

Terry McGurrin

Toronto Rape Crisis Centre

Toronto Roller Derby

WLU Centre for Women & Trans People

Westcoast Piercing and Ink

The Women’s Centre

Women’s Support Network

Woolfitt’s Art Enterprises

Wyrd Magick


YWCA Toronto


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