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American Crew Review: Who Trusts Them?

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American Crew products review

I was concerned about American Crew and how they have made a name when it comes to men’s head hair. Seeing the products rocking everywhere I look for hair styling crèmes meant that the male world had built trust over the extended period of use. We have always picked Crew’s products when hair needs some drastic transformation.

Now, Grooming Adepts has featured four of the products I think, recommending them for different reasons. The type of hair is always the critical decider to which of the four you should go for, but I was interested in three. Here is what the people from www.groomingadepts.com had to say about what I selected as my favorites American Crew products.


You cannot compare gels to other hair products since they don’t last for long. However, the American Crew’s Firm Hold Styling Gel gains the trust of sticking around your hair just like the strong hair products in the market. The gel is excellent when it comes to holding onto your hair giving you a natural look even when you overdo it.

What I like about the Gel

It stays on your hair: It is a superb alternative to crèmes, clays, and pomades. The gel is stronger on your hair and holds for long – all day to be precise. It is also light on your hair, so it’s even hard to notice something is up there once you are done applying.

  • Does not flake: There are hair gels that dispose flakes on your shoulder if you apply too much. Not for the American Crew’s Firm Hold Styling Gel. Styling your hair with this product will not make your shoulders dirty when it becomes too much.
  • Wet and dry hair application: Some products need to be applied on damp hair. For this one, dry or wet hair will do without too much struggle. This means that you can do it at any time of the day.
  • Promotes healthy hair: There are natural extracts in the gel that enable hair to grow thick and voluminous. You get a shine after application, and it is alcohol-free according to the review. Your hair will be healthy as time goes by.


Research on Grooming says that this clay is not for every hair. Despite the small flaw, it is a versatile styling tool for the hair which offers a natural medium shine. It holds all day long without fading and does not mess around your clothes during the first hour of application. Guys with normal hair can go for it, and though not for every hair, it accommodates a variety of hairstyles.

What I like about the clay

Holds for long: Clays are known to hang on to your hair for long, and this one is no exception. So, don’t be afraid to style your hair using the Molding Clay even for the most demanding hairstyles.

  • Has a medium shine: I would call it a natural look. The clay blends with your hair to give you what they call a medium shine. So, people will know that your hair looks fresh or okay, but they will not know what the secret is.
  • Works for a variety of hairstyles: Well, it is not for everyone, but most of the styles will do with this product. If you comb it back, tease it out or just keep it clean, the clay will not disappoint.
  • Long lasting: Like earlier stated, clays are known to stick around so this one will stay on your hair all day. You won’t need a re-touch sometime in the day.


Do you want to go all natural but have a high shine? The Crew Pomade gives a medium hold apart from answering the question and works well for a slick back look. It is great if you are looking forward to going sheen. Unlike what other products will portray on your hair, there is no artificial damage done on your after an extended period of use. Also, it doesn’t have that chemical smell that will tell everyone there is something more on your hair.

What I like about the Pomade

  • It is all natural: Going natural is good and healthy for your hair. Too many chemicals in a product pose a danger to your hair as it might fall out or become weak after continued use. The pomade has no synthetic additives.
  • Ideal for straight hair: It will cater for your hair if you own the straight type. Guys with thicker hair also find it useful as it can soften your curls.
  • No wet look upon shining: Some of us will have shiny hair that looks watery after a hair styling tool has been used. This one will not give you that since it is made to repel moisture properties.