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The Benefits of Unblocked Games at School or Work

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Are you somewhere that doesn’t allow a lot of gaming or reckless browsing on their network? If so, you may be looking for a website full of unblocked games. We have just the thing for you, as well as recommended strategy games that could improve your performance! Unblocked Games is back, with a no-proxy-needed website that utilizes flash games in a helpful manner.

The Advantages of Playing Strategy Games at Work

If your work is still in the ice ages of video gaming, and believes that all games desensitize people from real-world events and believes that they only incite violence, they haven’t tried helpful strategy games that have nothing to do with violence. On EunBlocked’s website, there are a ton of strategy games to keep you occupied and on your toes, while reaping the many scientifically proven benefits or participating in strategy games. Here are a quick list of benefits:

The improvement of critical thinking: Depending on the strategy game, you’ll find that playing them in the work place can keep your mind fresh and on your toes for real-world strategies. When you work at a company that relies on your ideas, play strategy games is imperative ot your success (if it works for you). Mostly every type of video game (even those ‘violent’ first-person shooters), require planning of some sort. The planning done is a strategy method in order for you or your team to succeed in the current task. Most strategy games or ones that involve any type of strategy help you improve on being observant, whether it’s a small-scale 2D flash game on a website, or a game like Warhammer that requires an insane amount of strategy to win and dominate. While some video games can cause frustration, it’s important that you ween out the negative ones and breathe in potential winners that’ll improve your work.

Improvement of spatial awareness and other motor skills: Whether you’re someone young at school or someone at work who has a deadline to meet multiple times a day, video games can help improve your spatial awareness and motor skills. There are some military groups that use types of video games to simulate and train their soldiers and pilots in order to improve their spatial awareness. Even for small flash games, there can be a bit of improvement on the worker or pupil. The response time and reflex, as well as attention improvement are just two of the motor skill benefits that can be had from playing a decent strategy game.

Improving your self-control: If you’re someone who wants to play on your phone constantly or eat as a means of distracting yourself from school or work, play a nice flash strategy game to keep your phone battery charged, and to keep your mind from constantly munching on snacks at work. You’ll be able to improve your self-control, and curb the desires for those yummy foods that you’re constantly craving. Video games are a way of healthy escapism that can improve other areas of your life, as well – including how you perform at work.


These aren’t the only benefits of strategy video games, and you can utilize ones like “All Hallow’s End”, or “Will” from EunBlocked’s website. Whether you want to improve your motor skills or take your mind off of stress and your cubicle colleagues, you’ll be able to do so with a quick flash game that isn’t blocked at work. You won’t have to worry about taking up too much bandwidth or having to save your game and come back to it later.